Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Finds (Etsy)

Y'all know I love me some Etsy!
Here are my latest finds..

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Enjoy your weekend!! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

You guys. I got the flu shot on Thursday...never again. I had such a bad reaction to it. My husband had to come pick me up and take me home to rest. I stayed home to rest/spend some extra time with my little booger and by Friday night I felt better but now I have a dang cold....but I'll take that over what I experienced on Thursday any way. 

Anywho...Saturday was my husbands birthday! He is the ripe ol' age of 32. We had our community garage sale first thing Saturday morning and my husband was pumped for it. He likes a good deal and making money. Landon woke up earlier than normal so I snuck out with him to grab some donuts and coffee for my husbands birthday and for our neighbors. The sun was just coming up as we were leaving and it was so beautiful. But not as beautiful as what was to be seen on our way home from good ol' Dunkin Donuts...

Hot air balloons coming up with the sun!!!!
This is happiness, people. 
I drove 10 minutes past our house to an empty parking lot and parked. Landon and I sat on the hood of my car, ate donuts and waved to the people in the baskets. We watched about ten hot air balloons float across the sunkissed sky and it was beautiful. The Saturday that started out so great, ended up being on of those can't get nothing done/whiney/no nap/ kind of days but as I crawled in bed at 1AM, I found this picture and it made me remember that we can't always have good days, BUT we can always have good moments. 

Sunday was a perfect day. Everyone was rested and happy. Landon and I spend the morning together and the afternoon with a best friend. We ate cheeseburgers and Godiva chocolate. We rode Merry-Go-Rounds and drove with the windows down. We laughed, a lot. I got my husband and his best friend a round of golf at this new fancy golf course about an hour away, and they spent the day there...

So all in all. It was a spectacular weekend! 

We're alive and well and have great memories to look back on!! 

Happy Monday, ya knuckle-heads!